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  • Published on Jun 11, 2014

    Celebrate Father's Day the Right Way

    Have you ever wondered how much being a father is really worth? Sure the amount of time, money spent on essentials and being there are all things we love about dads, but what about when he goes the extra mile?

    If you have wondered about this, the value of being a dad might surprise you!

    According to a new study done by insure.com, an average father is worth about $24,000. The study focused on the monetary value of things dads typically do around the house. The list included such things as being scout leaders, coaches, plumbing, house maintenance, car maintenance, driving children around, helping with homework, etc.

    Based on an average dad’s work around the house and helping with kids activities, the totally estimated worth of a dad per year came in at $24,103 a year, according to Insure.com's annual Father's Day Index from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    That’s a lot of money that dad probably wishes he could see!

    Although he never will see it, you sure could give him a Father’s Day to remember with thoughtful gift ideas or travel plans.

    The Perfect Dad’s Weekend

    In the same survey, it was determined that the second best gift that a father wants for Father’s Day is to take a trip with his whole family. The first gift was a nice dinner at his favorite local restaurant.

    You can do both this weekend in your RV!

    Start your perfect weekend off right with checking off his favorite restaurant. Take him out and treat him to a nice meal before heading off on a trip of his choice for the weekend!

    When you get to your trips destination, ask him what he wants to do. Whatever he wants to do, see if you can get the whole family to participate in it! If he elected to take a trip with no kids, it could be a time to just have the weekend to yourselves away from kids.

    The fourth thing on the list was tickets to a sporting event or concert. Do some research! If there is a ballgame or other event he would be interested in going to, end your weekend with it! Major League Baseball offers great Sunday deals for families to attend baseball games.

    Harper Camperland

    Whatever you choose to do this Father’s Day, have a blast!

    If you are taking your RV out or want to surprise him with the Ultimate Father’s Day gift of a new RV, let us know!

    We offer top of the line new and used RVs for you to choose from, as well as RV service.

    Are you looking for RV parts for Father's Day? Shop our online parts store for great gift ideas!

    Happy Father's Day from Harper Camperland!





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