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  • Published on Feb 08, 2017
    Spice Up Your Camping Cookbook

    Cooking over a campfire can be difficult at times. No one wants to eat just hot dogs and marshmallows every night. But you no longer have to worry! We'll give you some of our favorite camp out dishes that are easy (and fun!). Let's spice up that cookbook!

    Campfire Hash

    A great way to start the morning is with this campfire hash. A few potatoes, some sausage, and some veggies is all you need! This is a great dish that requires little prep time.

    Link to recipe

    Camping Quesadillas

    These are easy to make and delicious! You can easily make all of this over a fire. You can also customize it however you'd like. Want some more meat? Add it! Need some extra veggies in there? Go for it!

    Link to recipe

    Pizza Nachos

    Who doesn't like nachos? You can have this either as a quick snack or a full on meal. This dish is also very customizable and easy to make for lots of people.

    Link to recipe

    Dutch Oven Pizza

    Pizza while camping? Other pizzas never come out right. But this recipe makes a great/unique pizza. It doesn't take long to prep or cook either!

    Link to recipe

    Campfire Mushrooms

    This is a nice side to make, for any dish, that takes very little effort. You can also just make a meal out of it! Customize with whatever spices you like.

    Link to recipe

    BBQ Hot Dog and Potato Packs

    This is an easy little meal you can make on the quick. It only takes 20 minutes and requires just a fire and some tinfoil. Yum!

    Link to recipe

    Salmon with Herbs and Lemon

    This dish is a smokey, delicious main course of fish and lemon/herb. It is simple to make and cooks in under 10 minutes!

    Link to recipe

    S'more Dip

    This is a great little dessert that makes s'mores for all very easy! Instead of everyone hogging space for the fire just make this and share with friends!

    Link to recipe

    Fruit and S'more Cones

    This is a yummy little treat that you can get the kids involved with! You can add whatever fruit and sweet treats you want to it. Then you stick it over the fire for a bit and you've got a delicious, gooey mess!

    Link to recipe

    Bonus: Campfire Orange Cakes!

    Want to get the kids involved? Go for this after dinner! Hollow out an orange and add whatever cake mix you want to it and bake for it! Let them eat cake!

    Link to recipe

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