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  • Published on Apr 01, 2017
    RV Spring Cleaning and Organizing tips

     RV Spring Cleaning and Organizing Tips

    Springtime means reviving your RV from its winter slumber. Whether that means pulling it out of storage and getting ready for the season’s travels, or just re-organizing and purging unnecessary items from your winter travels.  Either way, we’ve got some great tips on how to do a little spring RV cleaning and organizing.

    First let’s imagine you are uncovering your rig, opening the doors, and getting it ready for the season.  Cleaning your RV is going to be your first task.  The exterior is a great place to start with your cleaning project.  Being stored away in a storage shed or covered and left in an open lot can wreak some havoc on the exterior of your RV.  These simple products are a great way to clean:

                    Simple Green Spray Cleaner- this product is great for cleaning many different surfaces and the ingredients are eco-friendly.  Simple Green will remove stubborn stains from awning and white trim, as well as mold and residue from the exterior.  It can also tackle black streaks that can be a result of rubbing up against or bumping into objects. 

                    Charlie’s Soap Indoor/Outdoor cleaner- this is another great cleaner for the exterior of your RV.  It can get rid of any buildup or residue plus, it adds a little bit of sheen to the finish once dry.  It’ll make your RV look almost brand new again.

    Moving inside, cleaning the interior of your RV is big project.  Not only does it involve cleaning but also organizing. To start, some great products for cleaning indoors includes:

                    Dusting: A microfiber terry cloth works wonders for wiping down surfaces that may have gotten a little dusty.  You can wet your microfiber cloth with just water and it’ll remove dust from any surface. Plus, Microfiber cloths won’t leave any streaks.  

    Cleaning the interior of your RV: You can use any indoor cleaning product, but again Charlie’s indoor/outdoor soap works wonders, and leaves everything with a nice shine.  Otherwise simple products like Windex works great for cleaning windows, Pledge for wood surfaces, etc.

    Cleaning out your RV waste tanks can be daunting.  But with Happy Camper’s Tank Treatment, it can be a breeze.  All you have to do is add a few scoops to your black tank and it will clean it so you are all set for the season.  It works to combat odors and breaks down solids for the best tank flush you’ll need.

    Your RV water heater tank is another important thing to keep clean.  You can rid your water tank of all sorts of build-up and residue with a simple mixture of vinegar and water.  Get the full instructions here http://www.loveyourrv.com/cleaning-rv-water-heater-tank-vinegar/

    You also want to make sure any water lines or gas lines are free of any build-up before you set out for the season. Refer to your RV’s owner’s manual on tips for keeping those intact.

    Organization is the next key step in your spring cleaning project.  Sometimes taking the time to go through everything you have in there

     and pitching what is not necessary is the best way to clean.  The key to not getting overwhelmed is taking it room by room. Let’s start with the kitchen.

    The cupboards in your kitchen can be your new best friend for organizing and storing your essentials.  From Tupperware organizers, to using command hooks to hang your utensils inside cupboard doors, the options are endless.  Use plate racks to organize your dinnerware; magazine holders work great to hold Ziploc bags, foil, and saran wrap.  Under the cupboard spice racks work wonders for holding your essential cooking spices without taking up counter or cupboard space.

    Next is the bathroom.  Again, utilizing any cupboard space you may have is key.  If you have a medicine cabinet, you can store items on the inside of the cabinet door. Shoe organizers work great on the interior of your shower to hold your bathing essentials, and you can use cute wrought iron towel racks to hold your towels and washcloths.

    Last and most important is the bedroom.  No matter the size of your RV’s bedroom, keeping your closets and drawers organized can leave room for more of the comforts you want in your bedroom.  Sterilite totes are perfect for organizing your closets.  They are very versatile and can hold quite a bit of items.  Combined with wire closet organizers, you can fit all the clothing essentials you will need.  If you have an RV with space underneath the bed, totes filled with dividers are the perfect place to keep shoes and other essentials that won’t fit in your closets. The options are endless!

    Spring cleaning and organizing your RV can make for a stress free travel season for everyone. What are some of your favorite RV organizing tips and tricks? 

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