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  • Published on Feb 26, 2014

    Watch Out for Severe Weather

    Tornado season is fast approaching! Are you prepared?    

    Beware of Approaching Storms Although tornadoes can occur at any time, the national weather service states that the months with the greatest number of tornadoes are April, May and June. When you are out on the road in any severe weather it can be scary, but with preparation and planning, you can be safely prepared when severe weather strikes. Here are some things to remember when traveling in an RV in severe weather.

    1. Always keep updated on the weather

    weather radio Weather Radio With amazing technology the way it is, keeping up with the weather can be as simple as hitting a couple of buttons on your smartphone.

    This is a great way to easily look at forecasts and see if you are in danger of severe weather. If you are in severe weather however, you may be better served to go "old-school." When we say go "old-school", it just means getting a weather radio that features NOAA channels so you can access weather information wherever we go.

    This "old-school" practice is the sure way to get accurate information on weather in your area.

    2. Locate Storm Shelter

    tornado shelter pictureTake Shelter Wherever your travels take you, if you happen to be in an area where severe weather is possible, always take time to locate a storm shelter. Many RV parks that are in danger of severe weather will have storm shelters or a building designated for storm safety.

    This is critical information to know and could end up saving you lots of trouble if a severe storm were to hit. Locating a shelter and briefing your group on evacuation procedures is very important.

    3. Prepare your RV

    Not only do you have to make sure your group is safe, but you also make sure your RV is safe from severe weather as well. During severe weather, make sure to lower the TV antenna and retract any awnings and slides. These will be the first to go in high wind situations.

    After that, get together an emergency kit that is stocked with any weather essentials such as your radio, batteries, snack foods, water and anything else you might need to spend a night without power. Some other emergency kit essentials include:

    • flashlights
    • blankets
    • rain ponchos
    • pet supplies
    • non- perishable packaged or canned food
    • prescription and non-prescription drugs

    4. Be Smart when Driving

    If you happen to be driving your RV and high winds or severe weather hits, you should know how to handle this. With high winds, RVs or large vehicles can become easy targets to move around the road. To combat this you have to first, slow down, and second, pay attention to your surroundings.

    Make sure to be in the right lane and drastically reduce your speed to fight the wind. Make sure you are at a speed that you feel comfortable with and have control of your vehicle. Although you might not be going fast, it’s better than ending up on the side of the highway.

    Always think about seeking shelter or going to the nearest campground when severe weather strikes. RVs are not built to chase storms, so if you can, stay away and stay safe.

    Harper Camperland

    At Harper Camperland we want to make sure you stay safe at all times while on the road. If your RV needs any service or parts, let us know! We have a huge selection of parts in our online parts store to make sure your RV is protected as well as several parts for your emergency kit.

    If weather gets the best of your camper or you want us to make sure it is serviced for your long drives ahead, we offer full RV service and repair. Give one of our friendly staff representatives a call today or stop by one of our two locations at 117 W. 14th St. in Harper, KS or 1200 10th St. in Great Bend, KS.

    Have any stories you would like to share about your weather experiences? Let us know in the comments below!

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