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  • Published on Jul 02, 2015
    How Fireworks Came to Be

    Generations of Fire

    Fireworks have been around for thousands of years, gradually evolving to become the incredible displays we know and love today. To understand their history we need to travel back to 200 B.C. China, long before gunpower even existed.


    It may sound strange, but the bamboo plant is known as the worlds first "firecracker". Back around 200 B.C. somebody ran out of firewood and grabbed a handful of green bamboo to burn in it's place. When heated, air pockets trapped inside the plant begin to expand and eventually result in a minor explosion. The sound scared the people so much that it started the idea it could scare not only people, but evil spirits. From then on the practice of setting off these crude firecrackers at every New years celebration was set in motion.


    This is where our story gets interesting. Almost 600 years after the mentioned bamboo discovery, a group of Chinese alchemists began experimenting with sulfurous mixtures in hopes of discovering a magical elixir of life. Instead, they discovered the worlds first pyrotechnic composition. A blend of sulfur, saltpeter, honey, and arsenic disulfide was the formula that caused a large bright flame, burning the hands and faces of it's creators. The mixture underwent several changes until it was finally perfected. Bamboo rods were soon replaced with dense paper tubes and the rest is history!

    Fireworks Today

    The U.S. firework industry has experienced exponential growth over the past fifteen years. To give you an idea, consumer sales sat around $284 million in 1998 while 2014 sales reached heights of $695 million. How much does $695 million dollars worth of fireworks weigh? An incredible 225 million pounds! We Americans sure love our fireworks!

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