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  • Published on May 04, 2016

    If you are looking for the latest and greatest camping technology then kickstarter.com is one of the best places to find exciting and innovative camping products. The website, founded in 2009, allows people all around the world to get funding for their ideas, inventions, and projects. The person looking for funding generally describes the invention, posts a video and details the progress of the project so that people who pledge money can see how their money will be put to use.

    Kickstarters typically offer rewards to those who pledge money for it, these rewards depend of different donation levels and can range from a simple thanks on their website to the actual product, or other items and perks that are relevant to the product’s appeal. 

    Anyone can start or donate to a kickstarter and the company takes an interesting approach to funding. If a product reaches their goal in a set amount of time the organizer of the campaign gets to keep the money to start their project. If they don’t, the money is returned to the people who pledged it, guaranteeing that all money pledged goes to a viable project. 

    Here are some examples of Kickstarters who still need help and well as ones that are already funded. If you are in the giving mood and want to help out fellow campers get their ideas recognized be sure to pledge money!

    Enki Stove Wild

    Looking for a new portable camp stove? Then the Enki Stove Wild might be just what you need. The stove is eco friendly and allows you to avoid transporting gas tanks or charcoal. The best part? The Enki Stove Wild doesn’t give off any smoke, the professional stove provides a clean flame that allows you to cook and grill anywhere. This smokeless approach reduces the C02 emissions to half that of a normal girl or campfire. 

    Enki Stove Wild is easy to use: you need just a few branches or other dry biomass, a small battery or a solar panel and a fire starter. If you’re in a camp area where scavenging for a few branches might not be the best idea enki sells wood pellets for 3-4 dollars that provides you with over 55 hours of energy.

    This project is still open for donations but has already met its funding goals. Donate today for some interesting perks and the ability to own an enki before anyone else. 

    Pure Hydration Sentinel Inline

    The Pure Hydration Sentinel Inline is a military grade personal water filtration device. The filter removes bacteria, viruses, parasitic pathogens, and even heavy metals from the water. Pure hydration has a wide variety of items that are already available for purchase and their products can be used outdoors leisure, humanitarian aid, and military hydration and survival around the globe. 

    This particular kickstarter is to raise money for their newest development, the Sentinel InLine, which they created to meet the latest US military standards for an Individual Water Purification Device (IWPD). The goal is to raise enough money to get the product formally approved against the NSF International Protocol P248 standard as well as put the product into production.

    This campaign is still open and has some great incentives that allow you to fund this project while receiving some of their other purification and hydration products. 

    Forager's Camp Knife

    The forager’s camp knife is a durable 7 inch sheath knife that can handle almost any task. The knife allows users to crush, tap, and ground in addition to performing typical knife functions. Designed for maximum strength and durability, the forager’s camp knife is also treated to endure heat and resist rust. 

    Unlike the other kickstarters, this campaign has already been fully funded. This project was so popular that it ended up raise $6,956 even though it’s goal was only $500.  You can still use the site to check out all the great features of the knife before heading over to the website to order one. 

    For other great kickstarter projects check out the kickstarter website or our last blog post about kickstarter campaigns.

    Harper Camperland

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