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  • Published on Sep 04, 2014

    Common Camping Mistakes

    Whether you are brand new to RVing or a seasoned veteran, we all make mistakes! Part of camping in your RV is to experience what different situations call for and what to pack. 

    Not everyone can have the perfect camping experience, and sometimes you forget things.

    Here is a list of the five most common camping mistakes when people go camping and how to avoid them!

    1. Not Packing a Repair Kit

    Nothing puts a damper on a camping trip like breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Make sure to pack some of the basics: wrench set, replacement belts, jumper cables, and anything else that you think might come in handy. The last thing you want is a broken RV in the middle of a busy highway.

    2. Skimping on Food

    Plan carefully exactly how much food you should bring. When in doubt always bring extra. We would recommend bringing extra canned goods and un-refrigerated items in the event that you break down somewhere or lose power. The more meals you can make out of non-perishable foods the better. Don't be afraid to get creative and try different recipes and foods as well!

    3. Not Keeping a Tidy Campground

    Leaving food and trash strewn about your campsite can attract unwanted visitors and ruin the experience for everyone. You don’t want Richard the Bear sniffing around your campsite looking for your food.  An easy solution to this problem is to keep a tidy campground. Make sure you are throwing your trash away in a trash bin far away from your campsite. Not only could leaving trash affect you, it could also be a problem for future campers as well.

    4. Not Making a Reservation

    You don’t want to show up to an RV Park or camping site and not have a place to stay simply because you didn’t make a reservation. This is an easy one, just call ahead and make sure you have a reservation. Get a confirmation number if available and any documentation to avoid mix-ups. 

    5. Not Checking the Forecast 

    Make sure you are checking the weather in advance to ensure you pack correctly. If you are not prepared for rain, that can really ruin a weekend getaway. Also keep in mind that front country weather reports often don’t apply to the backcountry. If you really want to make sure the weather is clear,  get a pinpoint forecast at weather.gov.

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    If you need more advice on camping and RV best practices we are always here to help!

    If you need help getting started with your RV, we offer a great selection of RV accessories that make your trip much safer and easier. From small trinkets to large accessories, our parts department has it all! 


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