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  • Published on Sep 26, 2014

    Catch the Newest Trends in Camping

    We are back with another edition of camping kickstarters!

    A while back we discovered some great camping products that were coming from kickstarter.com, which is a website where people go to get funded for their inventions, projects or ideas they might have.

    The person looking for funding generally describes the invention, posts a video and really details where people who pledge money can see the progress of the project.

    Many Kickstarters offer rewards for people who pledge money, and if the project reaches the goal, those who gave money will get something in return, whether it be the product or some sort of mention on a website.

    Anyone can fund Kickstarters, and with a search function, you can search for anything you would like to give money to.

    Here are some more examples of camping Kickstarters that are either already funded and available for purchase or need some help reaching their goal.

    Father Nature Integrated Camping Blanket

    Father Nature Outdoors brings you this camping blanket that is ideal for all seasons and goes well beyond traditional camping comfort.

    The blankets design is adjusted for camping or backpacking, and it can also adapt to the climate. In addition it can also be used with nearly any sleeping pad, making this blanket one of the most versatile pieces of camping equipment on the market today. Take the comfort of a quilt and add tons of versatility and you get the FNO Integrated Camping Blanket.

    This kickstarter is already funded and time is running out to reserve yours!

    WindPax Portable Wind Turbine

    The WindPax wind turbine is a Collapsible, Durable, Portable, Light-Weight, affordable eco-friendly power source. WindPax will provide you with power and light in a multitude of situations and destinations that are sure to please campers.

    The creators wanted to bridge their love for the outdoors with their love for technology as well. For people not near a car or power source, the WindPax will create an on-the-go power source for campers to charge their phones and other devices.

    Their are many options available for you to buy in this kickstarter, so if you need some power on the go, take a look!

    "The Sun Juicer" Ultralight Parabolic Solar Cooker

    If you are out camping, sometimes grills and other cookers can not only get messy, but they just aren't efficent. This kickstarter, "The Sun Juicer", is a fuel free, clean energy, 0 emissions way of cooking that is great for those wanting an alternative way to cook!

    The Sun Juicer is extremely compact when not assembled, is light weight and a completely manual operation. Using a variety of pot and pans without the need of special heat resistant plastic bags, the Sun Juicer can boil, fry, grill and steam just like a stove top.

    Besides cooking, The Sun Juicer, will allow you to light a fire in about 1 minute and can also be used as a light projector.

    This multi-use cooker is perfect for your next outing wherever you may be!

    Harper Camperland

    Kickstrater is a great way to find out the next generation of camping gear and accessories. Here at Harper Camperland we also offer a great selection of camping gear and accessories that are available for purchase.

    Check out our online parts store that is stacked full of great items and accessories you will be sure to need for your next camping adventure.

    If you need anything at all from parts to service to RV sales, at Harper Camperland we have it all!

    We hope to see you soon!

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