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  • Published on Jul 30, 2014

    New Cool Camping Gear

    If you haven’t heard of the website kickstarter.com, you should get familiar with it, because it could be where the best new camping products come from!

    Kickstarter.com was created in 2009 and it is a place where people go to get funded for their inventions, projects or ideas they might have.

    The person looking for funding generally describes the invention, posts a video and really details where people who pledge money can see the progress of the project.

    Many Kickstarters offer rewards for people who pledge money, and if the project reaches the goal, those who gave money will get something in return, whether it be the product or some sort of mention on a website.

    Anyone can fund Kickstarters, and with a search function, you can search for anything you would like to give money to.

    Here are some examples of Kickstarters who have already been funded and one who still needs help. If you are in the giving mood and want to help out fellow campers get their ideas recognized, pledge money!

    The Survival Belt

    This do it all belt is the perfect thing for campers and anyone who has a passion for working outdoors.

    The Survivor Belt features a belt buckle that also is used as a tool. It can be used a bottle opener, a multi-tool, fire starter and more, just for the buckle! The strap is what makes this belt a must have.

    The strap comes in various sizes and is the most durable strap you will ever own. Built to last in extreme conditions, this strap is waterproof, offers UV protection and is easy to clean.

    This project still needs $20,000 to reach its goal but they still have 53 days to go! So if you would want one of these super awesome belts, pledge money!


    This project is already funded and now has a website where you can purchase their products! In one of the cooler camping kickstarters we found, the windcatcher is a device that is used to blow up air pads used for camping.

    Have you ever sat there for several minutes huffing and puffing only to get a limply blown up air pad? With the windcatcher technology, not only do you never have to put your mouth on a gross piece, you only have to blow a couple of times before your air pad is blown up fully!

    No power, pumping, and gross mouth pieces required. Just blow in, watch the bag fill up, and relax!

    The Power Pot

    Another Kickstarter that has already met its goal and is available for purchase is the Power Pot.

    The Power Pot transforms the heat from cooking into electricity with no moving parts. The creators were both avid campers who wanted the option to listen to music and to charge electronic devices while camping.

    The Power Pot is reliable and easy to use, and the best part is that it doesn't take any plug ins or moving parts to work!

    Harper Camperland

    Kickstrater is a great way to find out the next generation of camping gear and accessories. Here at Harper Camperland we also offer a great selection of camping gear and accessories that are available for purchase.

    Check out our online parts store that is stacked full of great items and accessories you will be sure to need for your next camping adventure.

    If you need anything at all from parts to service to RV sales, at Harper Camperland we have it all!

    We hope to see you soon!


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