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  • Published on Mar 31, 2014

    Fun Camping Pranks

    Don’t look now, but April Fools Day is tomorrow!

    You either love April Fools or you don’t, but one thing is for sure, no one likes to be the one getting pranked!

    Don’t sit back and wait to get pranked this April Fools Day. If you are on the road or at a campsite, here are some fun ways to prank those around you without going overboard.

    1. Scary Noises

    Sometimes when camping, there are people who don’t like hearing weird sounds. Noises tend to scare them, and they always think that someone or something is coming after them, when in reality it is just natural noise. Take advantage of this by giving them a little scare before bedtime with some fake noise! You can do this a couple of different ways. One is to create a contraption that will tap on a tree or make rustling sounds in leaves without it being obvious it is coming from you. One of the more hilarious ways is to use a remote control to control something to make the noise. You can easily hide the remote under a sleeping bag or blanket, and if you move the object slowly enough it could really spook somebody!

    2. Sleeping Bag Pranks

    If your group is sleeping in tents, chances are most people will have sleeping bags. These are great for sneaking in objects that have weird textures. Imagine trying to fall asleep and sticking your toes into something disgusting! The best stuff to put in sleeping bags are things that are slimy or squishy, such as silly putty or squishy fake bugs. Even fruit snacks could work just to put a little scare into them. Another fun sleeping bag trick is to put a coat hanger or a bunch of small rocks in between the sleeping bag and mattress for an uncomfortable night of sleep. After a while of tossing and turning, watch your victim realize that his bed has been tampered with to provide some good laughs.

    3. Food tricks

    When camping, sometimes  pretending to eat certain things can really gross people out! If you notice that critters are around leaving their droppings behind, grab a tootsie roll and make it appear that you are investigating it to see which animal is responsible for leaving it behind. When people ask you what animal it is OR better yet why you are investigating it, put the tootsie roll in your mouth and pretend to act disgusted while chewing it! When people say how gross it is, make sure to tell them it 's a joke because it could raise some questions about your physical and mental health.

    Harper Camperland

    While these camping tricks can be fun to play on April Fools Day, many of them can be applied year round! With the weather warming up, now is a great time to hit the road and go RVing! Here at Harper Camperland we offer a wide variety of new and used RVs for our customers to choose from. We also feature full parts and service departments to assist you with any fixes or items your RV might need. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call at (800) 658-178 or stop by one of our two locations: Great Bend : 1200 10th St. Harper: 117 W. 14th St.  

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